BeGames - Visionaire Academy - Mission

“Our mission is to unite the world of technology with cinema's tradition”

The relationship between video-games and cinema is getting closer and closer.

Video games are nowadays worked into interactive stories, similar to real film narratives, whilst in the most recent film productions the same softwares used in video game development are becoming a core element.

An example of the over said is VIRTUAL PRODUCTION, a virtual scenery, real-time programmed and managed by Unreal Engine.

Thus arises the need to create a training space in which these two realities develop their meeting point to standardize this bond.

The audiovisual world is opening up to a new era in which video game processing tools, in some cases, are the same as those used in cinema production and vice versa.

BeGames offers two training courses: the first, GAME PRODUCTION & CINEMATICS will allow students to work in the world of video-game programming, while the second course in VIRTUAL PRODUCTION for cinema, will teach a new way of understanding the film set through the ability to merge cinematic film shooting with virtual environment creation and their real-time programming and management.

“The future in the hands of our students”

Teaching methodology and career opportunities

BeGames students will acquire the necessary skills to be able to work both in the field of video-games and on film sets using Virtual Production technology.

The training course synergistically integrates technical and artistic teachings to guarantee the next generations of real time content creators an all round preparation.

There will also be numerous laboratory experiences that will contribute to the development of activity practice, aimed at learning specific techniques that will complete the student's profile, as well as the ability to use this knowledge in a team.

NUMEROUS WORKSHOPS will be organized during the training months that will integrate the newly acquired knowledge.

In addition, field day-trips will be organized in the most important national software houses and on film sets to better understand the environment and the techniques at the base of the job that students will carry out in the future.

BeGames - Visionaire Academy - Mission